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Welcome to the home page of an insurance company in Yemen. - Marib Yemen Insurance Company was established in 1974 as the first right-share insurance company by the Yemeni Bank for Reconstruction and Development. Wat 's Oction of the Management of the Management of the Managment. Marib Yemen Insurance Company started in cooperation with the Kuwaiti Insurance Company, which worked to establish a distinguished cadre of Kantu Insurance in the Yemeni market during the march. We're a Trust. Insurance and services provided by Marib Yemen Insurance Company: - Car insurance: (comprehensive insurance - third party liability insurance + fire and theft). I'm a man, that's a man. - Money (covering the loss of money while in the treasury or while in the building within 24 hours and during the transfer process to and from the bank and the locations specified in the document. - Securing political violence (covering losses caused by wars, political dangers, terrorism, vandalism, military coups and civil wars). - Insurance for persons aged between (health insurance - health insurance - personal accident insurance - workers insurance - travel insurance for the individual and family for one trip or several trips - insurance). - Engineering insurance includes the following types (all risks of contractors - all risks of installation - insurance of contractors' machinery and equipment - electronic devices insurance - machine damage insurance - boiler insurance - civil liability for construction work) - Marine insurance (covers the losses of all types of commercial goods from the dangers of the sea or the mainland to wars and disturbances during the transfer process). - Civil Liability (Liability is covered by the Insured Out of the Oaters of the Oaters. - Fire Fighting - Fire Fighting - Fire Fighting - Fire Fighting - Fire Fighting - Fire Fighting. - Loss of profits (loss of the nature of the loss that may be incurred by the company resulting from the interruption of work because of the risk covered in the fire or the failure of machines or others). - Takaful insurance concept: I'm a professor of the Mittanance. - Takaful insurance principles: 1 - Application of the principles and provisions of Islamic law 2-Ripsons of the Residences. 3-Information of the Conservatory of the Lake. 4. The Company shall operate the Takaful Works for the Participants as a percentage of the total annual contributions to be computed at the end of the financial year. 5 - Ownership of the Takaful Fund belongs to the holders of documents only and in this capacity deserve returns without others. 6 - the existence of a legitimate oversight task of overseeing the work of the branch of conformity to the provisions of the law and no one may intervene in the weapon. 7. Responsibility for losses is borne by all participants in the Takaful Fund without exception. 8. Each holder of a Takaful Document shall be a contributor of sufficient contributions from the others in the Takaful Fund. 9. The Insured shall be entitled to compensation for the losses sustained or consequent damages in accordance with the terms of the Insurance Insurance. 10. Life insurance for health insurance - Takaful coverage: An account is created in the insurance fund for all types of money. We're a farce from Hasocket. Subscription to the Fund: ... one - time one - one - one - one - one - one. Marib Yemen Insurance Company Islamic Takaful Insurance Head Office - Sana'a - Zubairi Street Phone: 01/402010 - 01/206111 Fax: 01/206118 - 01/206114 Our branches .. Hodeidah Branch Phone: 03/219549 Fax: 03/219546 Aden Branch: Telephone 02/222226 Fax: 02/222230 Taiz Branch: Phone: 04/240927 Fax: 04/2409222 Al-Mukalla branch: Phone: 05/314544 Fax: 05/316667 E-mail